July 11 12 13 2014 - Cincinnati, OH

Bunbury Music Festival Media Credentials

Media Credentials

Online Application

Thank you for your interest in covering the 2014 Bunbury Music Festival. Please complete the application process below so we can better assist you. Because there is limited space in the media area, we are limited to no more than four credentials per media outlet.

  Media Contact

Andy Wilson, Bohlsen Group 
317.602.7137 x227 or awilson@bohlsengroup.com
201 S. Capitol Avenue, Suite 800, Indianapolis, IN 46225

General Credentialing Process
  • You must have a confirmed assignment to cover the overall festival. We will not provide credentials for spec photography, freelance writers not on an assignment, or portfolio photographers.
  • If your intention is to come to the festival to do a story on only one artist and not the festival, you need to be credentialed through that artist. You will need to make your own arrangements to meet the band once you are onsite. If you are not credentialed through the festival, you will not have access to the media area. We will not credential media for assignments that do not include the festival as a whole.


If you are a freelancer your editor must email a letter confirming your assignment to awilson@bohlsengroup.com.

If you think we may not be familiar with your publication, you can speed up the decision process by mailing a copy of your publication to:   Andy Wilson, Bohlsen Group 
201 S. Capitol Avenue, Suite 800, Indianapolis, IN 46225   Photography   Photographers must be on an assignment. All applications are carefully screened. No spec photography, portfolio photography, or personal website photography.   Only photographers with professional cameras such as SLR and interchangeable lens cameras will be allowed into the photo pits. Point-and-shoot cameras will not be permitted.   TV   We must receive an advance schedule of requested live shots and b-roll. Please submit this schedule one week prior to the festival. The more info we have from you in advance, the more prepared we will be to help you obtain what you need, so please plan your pieces ahead of time. Video cameras are not permitted outside the media tent without an escort.


Webzine writers and bloggers must provide specific information about your site in the description section of the application. Credentials for webzines and bloggers are extremely limited and will be evaluated closely.

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